Brass Cross Framed Wall Art

Materials: Brass cross, high-quality frame

Design: glass framed Intricately designed brass cross with exquisite detailing

Origin: Handcrafted in  Ethiopia

Mounting: Ready-to-hang with a secure hook attached to the frame

Usage: Ideal for display in homes, offices, or religious settings as a focal point of inspiration and spiritual reflection

Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth to maintain the luster of the brass and the beauty of the background

This framed wall art piece is a stunning fusion of craftsmanship and beauty, offering a glimpse of divine brilliance that resonates with the soul. Perfect for those seeking to adorn their spaces with a touch of sacred elegance and reverence.



This framed wall art piece exudes timeless elegance and spiritual significance. The brass cross, a symbol of faith and reverence, takes center stage against a backdrop of stunning beauty. The background, meticulously chosen for its richness and depth, complements the intricate detailing of the brass cross, creating a captivating visual experience that uplifts the soul.