Ethiopian and Eritrean Netela with Vibrant Orange

Material: 100% pure cotton

Design: Traditional white shawl with vibrant orange

Color: White with orange accents

Origin: Handcrafted in Ethiopia and Eritrea

Usage: Ideal for casual wear, cultural events, religious ceremonies, and festive occasions

This exquisite Netela shawl, featuring radiant orange details, embodies the elegance and tradition of Ethiopian and Eritrean heritage, making it a perfect addition to any cultural wardrobe.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild detergent; air dry to maintain the fabric’s integrity and vibrant colors


The Netela, a traditional white shawl from Ethiopia and Eritrea, is celebrated for its delicate craftsmanship and cultural significance. Adorned with vibrant orange tibeb, this particular Netela stands out with its lively and eye-catching design. The tibeb, or decorative borders, are meticulously handwoven, reflecting the rich textile traditions of the region.