Ethiopian Netela- ነጠላ

  • Material: High-quality Ethiopian cotton
  • Weaving Technique: Handwoven with precision
  • Usage: Perfect for draping over shoulders as a shawl or wearing as a headscarf, ideal for embracing Ethiopian culture or gifting to loved ones.
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A netela (Amharic: ነጠላ) is a handmade scarf-like two-layered cloth made of cotton worn by Ethiopian and Eritrean women. The netela is a well known and commonly worn garment in both countries.

Wrap yourself in the elegance of Ethiopian tradition with our Traditional Ethiopian Netela Shawl. Handwoven with care using premium quality cotton, this lightweight and breathable shawl features intricate patterns and vibrant colors, reflecting the beauty and cultural heritage of Ethiopia. Whether worn for special occasions or everyday elegance, it adds a touch of Ethiopian charm to any outfit.